Roza Capital Group, LLC, was created to provide programs for individuals seeking to invest their capital or retirement funds at a higher fixed rate of return. We are a group of professional real estate investors and educators who would like to introduce you to financial strategies that give you greater control over your investments through real estate.

We acquire properties by utilizing private capital from our clients. This system of bypassing traditional lending practices allows us to close transactions very quickly and provide our private money investors with excellent returns.

We specialize in buying all types of distressed residential properties from 
single family homes to medium sized apartment buildings. We acquire mainly residential real estate from sellers that are motivated or distressed for a variety of reasons. Many situations can occur that would cause a 
property owner to request our services. 

These situations include: foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, probate/estate sales, job transfers, and portfolio liquidation. We are able to provide fast, simple solutions for these sellers and create win-win solutions.​
What We Do
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Our Company, Upon Acquisition:

  • Will renovate properties
  • Sell in the retail market
  • Lease Option to qualifying tenant-buyers
  • Keep in inventory for rental

This process revitalizes neighborhoods, builds significant equity in the properties, and provides both short-term cash flow and long-term growth within our portfolios. This results in excellent returns for our private money lender and investor clients.​

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