• Take Control of Your IRA, Pension Plan, Savings or CD’s

  • Earn 10% Instead of the average 1-2% Interest

  • Increase Your Yield​

Look at it like this: 

Do you know what $100,000 in a CD today for a 5 year term, compounded at an average fixed rate of 2%, is worth in five years? It’s worth $110,516. 

Now let’s take that same $100,000 and invest it for the same 5 years at 10% simple interest instead of CD rate of 2%. Now it’s grown to an amazing $150,000. 

That’s a $39,484 Difference simply by increasing the yield from 2% to 10% and Remember that’s ONLY FIVE YEARS.

The same $100,000 in TEN YEARS in a 2% CD is worth $122,139 and at 10% simple interest is worth $200,000. That’s a difference of $77,861 FREE dollars you will actually receive simply by increasing your yield, in the SAME Ten Year Investment Period.
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