We are trained professionals who have created a business of Buying, Repairing, Renovating, Managing and Selling Homes in various locations, conditions and price ranges.

  • We specialize in helping relieve sellers of unwanted, unneeded homes they can no longer afford by creating solutions to help them get their home sold fast.

  • We help our Community by improving the homes we purchase and building better neighborhoods by helping those who need good, safe housing.

Why Work With Us?
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We're Here to Help!
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  • Once our homes are repaired and ready to sell, we help buyers, often with some past credit problems, achieve the American Dream of home ownership through the various home purchase programs we offer.

  • We educate private investors, just like you, to provide them with strategies that get their money working with solid interest income that will maximize their investment dollars while minimizing their risk, but securing their capital with physical property at the same time.

We've designed several attractive private money lending programs to work with individual investor's needs.  By working with our private lenders directly, we've been able to cut out the "middle man" - the banks - to ensure you a higher return on your investment.

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