Who Borrows at High Rates and Why?

Investors like us do, because we have learned in our business that it’s not the cost of money that matters, but quick access to the funds so we can capitalize on opportunities. Private loans give us this competitive advantage over other investors who take weeks to go through the bank approval process in order to purchase properties. Our system allows individuals to come in and fund some of our transactions, like a bank. Therefore, instead of using a bank, we’re able to pay those fees and those more solid returns to those investors. 

What’s the minimum investment?

The minimum investment for a 1st Position Private Lender is $100,000 and available for most deals.

Some deals come along that have a 2nd Position Private Lender opportunity.  The minimum investment is usually $30,000.

Who handles all of the details?

We will. It’s our company’s job to get you proper documentation and protect your interest. All of this costs you nothing. We, the borrower, pay all costs. With a $100,000 loan, you transfer the funds in the amount of $100,000 to the closing attorney and you get a mortgage for $100,000 back by the tangible asset - real estate.

How do I get paid?

We send you a monthly or quarterly interest check for the duration of your investment.  However, the majority of our investors prefer to receive a one time, principal plus interest, payment after the completion of a project.  For accounting reason, this is a preferred way for our company and we never hold funds longer than 12 months.

Is this a Mortgage Pool?

No! Your funds are directly secured to real estate. You get a lien, as the Lender, against the property. You are the bank. You are in total Control.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a long-term investment?

Generally, your investment is tied to a specific project with a time line ranging from 3 to 12 months. We have lending programs for short term holds of three to six months. We also have longer term holds of one year and longer. 

What if I need to liquidate?

If you want out, a 60 day written notice is required, because we will need 
to replace your funds with another investor’s money. You really shouldn't 
make mortgage loans if you feel you will liquidate this shortly.  Although the option is always available and we have been able to liquidate in as little as two weeks in some scenarios. Also, unlike a bank CD, there is no penalty for early withdrawal. Just call us, and our team will handle all of the details.

Is my investment really as safe as it sounds?

Yes! We always follow these common sense guidelines that we've talked about. Your money will grow two, three, or even four times faster than your current investments and you maintain control.

Each one of our properties that we acquire is put through a rigorous financial evaluation in order to evaluate the profitability before the property is ever purchased.  

Remember that making loans is a business and should be treated like a business. By using our simple system and letting the professionals implement the system, your loan portfolio can be hassle free and produce staggering yields. 

How do I use my IRA’s or pension plan?

Making real estate loans is a widely accepted use for IRA’s and other Retirement Plans. Some people do not know that you can make private mortgage loans using the funds which are already in your IRA’s and other retirement plans. Think of the power of loaning out funds at high interest rates that are Tax free or Tax Deferred!

In order for you to use retirement accounts for loans, they must first be handled by a third party administrator (TPA). One administrator we commonly work with is The Entrust Group.  

You can visit them on the web at: 

The Entrust Group.com

or simply talk to us and we’ll help you with the set-up of your account.

After selecting your administrator, you simply send a transfer form to them and they’ll do all of the work for you. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to make private mortgage loans. DO NOT withdraw funds to use, you will pay penalties.

Even better, we can do all the ’work’ for you and you just fill out a few documents, sit back, relax and wait for your money to grow tax free or deferred. 

What are my options if Roza Capital Group, LLC doesn’t pay?

Actually, there are several options.  First and foremost, please be aware that “Integrity” is an essential part of our business and we only make sound investment decisions. One of Roza Capital Group, LLC’s distinguishing features is that we have never been late on a payment to a private lender.

Additionally, our company’s policy is to invest our own funds into every one of our projects.  After all, if we aren’t confident in our investment decisions why should you be? Likewise, if we ever lose the support of investors, we can no longer operate our business and our own investments would be at stake.  

However, to answer the question:

1) You can simply foreclose. Foreclosure isn’t as time consuming and costly of a process as most people think. 

It’s as simple as sending your note and mortgage to an attorney and saying ‘foreclose’. All you have to do then is sit back and wait. Nine times out of ten, before foreclosure is complete, someone will be calling your attorney’s office with a payoff letter, and your loan will get paid off. When this happens, you will collect all accrued interest, your principal balance, all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and all other expenses you have incurred in connection with your loan.

If you wind up with the house, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it. It can be sold immediately at a fair sale price and still produce a profit over and above the already high yield on your loan. 

2) Have Roza Capital Group, LLC deed you the house. This is an opportunity for you to get a house at a greatly discounted price. When this happens, you can create tremendous profit by reselling the house.

3) Or, we could restructure the payment schedule on the note. For example, let’s say we are behind on payments to you. Now Roza Capital Group, LLC can and would like to keep the house, but they can’t come up with enough money to bring you current in one lump sum. You could let us continue to make regular payments and make an extra payment on our arrearage in addition, or you could simply add the obligation to the principal balance and extend the term of the loan. This means you would be collecting interest on interest for the entire remainder of the loan. There are always ways to work it out if both sides are willing.

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