If you’re looking to get more out of this year than you did in last year, then say hello to fixed yields that are secured by real estate, and insured.

Can your portfolio survive another twelve months of jitters just to end up back where it began the year, another flat and wasted year of opportunity and loser stocks? Do you know what tomorrow holds? When the bell rings on Wall Street, will you have gained or lost money? You mean you don’t have a crystal ball??

Do you enjoy watching your personal and family wealth suffer the ripples of European bailouts and Middle Eastern revolutions? Why should events on the other side of the globe affect your retirement or other bank accounts? Well, if you’re relying on the stock market, then that’s exactly what you’re getting.

If "XYZ Company" stock is trading at $75/share, you’re not buying it at $50. You’re paying $75 — retail, just like everyone else. If you factor in transactional costs, then you’ve actually lost money from the beginning. You’re in an instantly negative equity position. The share price must appreciate for you to simply break even, much less make a profit. If you had to sell immediately, you’d actually lose money. 

 Let’s recap: Investing in stocks means you’re immediately at a loss and have to hope the stock increases in value, something you have zero control over and can’t predict. Meanwhile, your investment is subject to events around the globe that can happen at a moment’s notice.

Now let’s compare this to being one of our Private Lenders for local Missouri residential acquisitions, renovations and resales:

  • Because we only acquire properties with significant equity from the beginning, you are always in a POSITIVE EQUITY position from day one.

  • You’re also shielded from unknown global events since your returns are directly tied to a house right here in Missouri that you can personally visit.

  • Your position is SECURED and recorded, just like banks do daily, by the closing title company against the very property we’re rehabbing. We have a mortgage with YOU — YOU are the bank. Think your stock company offers this? If we don’t pay as required, you get the house which is worth considerably more than your loan. 

  • You also get access to the professional appraisal, stating the exact market value, before you decide to invest in a property. Think the CEO at XYZ Company needs your OK on any company matters before proceeding? If you don’t want to invest in a certain property, we’ll use another lender and let you know about the next opportunity. Your money, your decision. Always.

  • Lastly, you get a fixed promissory note of 10%. Yes, FIXED. That means…

It doesn't matter if the entire stock market goes belly up — your interest rate is unaffected and already known in advance.
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