A Case Study on How Private Lending Works

Anne is an excellent investment. She has worked at the same job for 5 years, in the same field for over 8 years. When she went to her local banker, who is stringent on their guidelines, she was an instant approval.

Unfortunately the house was not. It was built in the 1920’s and was completely in need of a large-scale make over. The property lacked a kitchen, working heating and air, and the electric was the old knob and tube. Fixing these major issues, along with many other small easy fixes, was imperative in order to qualify for a loan. It was the one house that reminded her of the home she grew up in. 

With investors, our property purchasing company was able to structure an investment of $75,000 to purchase the property for $22,000 and $53,000 would go to repairing the property to the bank’s standards. Our investor (a bean crop farmer by day) agreed to a 10% simple interest payment (annually) for a 12 month investment term or when the property was rehabbed and purchased with Anne’s now qualified bank financing.

Anne saved an older home from being demolished and she improved the whole neighborhood, while her investor made a high return on his money! Anne is currently enjoying a wonderful house that reminds her every day of the home she grew up in.
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